AEW Wanted Terry Funk To Be A Part Of 2021 Stadium Stampede Match

Terry Funk almost appeared in AEW

The 2021 Double or Nothing pay-per-view was main evented by All Elite Wrestling's second Stadium Stampede Match as The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, and Jake Hager) clashed with The Pinnacle (MJF, Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Wardlow, and Shawn Spears). 

The match was widely praised after it took place and Dax Harwood discussed the bout on his FTR podcast. During the discussion, Harwood revealed not all of their plans came to fruition, including one that would have seen Terry Funk be involved in the bar scene between FTR, Tully Blanchard, Konnan, and Santana & Ortiz. 

"Tully (Blanchard) comes over with the Vodka and pours four shots. We take the shots and then we flip the table over and start brawling but what was supposed to happen was when we flipped the table - because it also zooms in on Konnan...There was supposed to be two different things that were gonna happen here. I suggested we have Konnan there as the DJ, which we did which I thought was awesome. But also, when Cash (Wheeler) and I - we were supposed to film a scene where Cash and I were walking in the bar with Tully and we had just ran away from Ortiz and Santana. We walk in the bar and there was supposed to be a bar there and sitting at the bar was someone by himself with his back to us and we got the 'OK' from Tony (Khan) to do this," Harwood began.

"We just had to get up with him. We walk up to the bar, we sit down at the bar, and the guy at the bar was gonna be Terry Funk. He was supposed to say a line from 'Road House'. I can't remember what it was but he was supposed to say a line from 'Road House' and we were gonna take a drink with him or something and then in come Santana and Ortiz, then we got into the brawl and then we see Konnan. But then we see Konnan and we flip the table over to start the brawl. When we flip the table over, it was supposed to hit the first few seconds of D.M.X. 'Party Up' and that was supposed to start the big brawl inside and we were gonna play like 20 seconds of 'Party Up' but that (did not happen), I don't know why. But yeah, so I really enjoyed it," he continued.

"So we called Terry, Cash did. He called Terry and we couldn't get ahold of him. Called him again, left him a message, couldn't get ahold of him, couldn't get ahold of him. Maybe a week later if that, Cash gets a phone call, he looks at it, he even screenshotted it but it said 'Terry Funk' so Cash answered and Cash explained everything to him and Terry was like, 'Oh, I would love to do that' and he said, 'Ah well, I'm sorry. We already filmed it. We filmed it however many days before' and said, 'That’s why we were trying to get up with you' and Terry was very apologetic. So he was down to do it but he called back a bit too late."

Terry Funk has not made an appearance in All Elite Wrestling since the promotion was founded in 2019. The Funker has been dealing with health issues, including dementia, in recent years. 

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