AEW World Champion Jon Moxley Speaks On The WWE Producers Who Helped Him The Most

Moxley reflects back on his previous life...

Jon Moxley makes it clear in an interview with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp that he doesn't exactly miss the old way of doing things. The reigning AEW World Heavyweight champion loves the way matches and angles are put together in his current home, and appreciates getting the ability to collaborate.

"It’s all collaborative. It’s dudes standing around talking," Moxley says. "One guy has a general idea. If you don’t like it, we’ll think of something else and then we all build on the general idea. It’s all just free flowing ideas and collaboration. It’s really fun to just have that, it’s real chill. Nobody’s gonna get mad at anybody for not liking their idea or changing their idea. 

"Everybody’s just got freedom to throw their two cents in and maybe this way, maybe that way, different stuff."

While Moxley wasn't too keen on having less of a voice in WWE, he does acknowledge the brilliance and wisdom of a few specific producers he worked with, for different reasons.

Joey Mercury, for me, was a huge influence in my early years in WWE and Jamie Noble was, I think, he’s probably the best producer at putting together matches," Moxley says. "He can see it from a wrestler’s perspective because he’s had so many amazing matches. Jamie Noble’s one of the most underrated workers, in my opinion. I watched him and Daniel Bryan from Ring of Honor the other day, it was on TV and I was like, “I forgot about that match. Man, Jamie’s so good.

"Michael Hayes is up there - he’s got such a knack and an eye for TV and what works on a big stage, on live television. A lot of times I would be certain that I was right and then Michael made it very abundantly clear, and I got proven wrong many times, he’s just so smart. There’s a lot of great minds."

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