Ahmed Johnson Reveals Who He Would Love To Face In WWE

Ahmed Johnson names his dream opponents from WWE's current crop

Back at the tail end of WWE’s New Generation era, Ahmed Johnson was positioned as one of the fed’s biggest and most explosive stars.

The first ever African American Intercontinental Champion’s run may have been brief, but that hasn’t stopped Ahmed pondering who he would like to face from WWE’s current crop, telling Gregory Iron:

“I would love to go against Brock Lesnar or Bobby Lashley, for the present,” said Johnson. “Back then, I would have loved to for me and Warrior to hook up or me and Sycho Sid.”

On paper a pairing of Johnson with Lesnar or Lashley makes sense, as Johnson worked a stiff style punctuated by spinebusters and the Pearl River Plunge finisher (a Tiger Driver).

Johnson was brought in to the WWE in late 95, and was pushed very strongly from his debut. During his two-and-a-half year run with the company Johnson feuded with the likes of Jeff Jarrett and Goldust - defeating the latter for the IC Title - and wrestled at WrestleMania XIII and Mania 13.

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