Alan Angels Says Babyface Turn Negatively Impacted AEW's Dark Order

Alan Angels offers opinion on why the Dark Order has fallen

Whilst there has been a fair amount of talk in recent months of the steep decline of the Dark Order faction, with several members leaving and a lack of TV time, former member Alan Angels had his own take on the reason for Dark Order struggling, dating it to all the way back when the group first turned babyface. He discussed this on an episode of Busted Open Radio

"I would like to not call it a drop-off because all those guys are extremely talented and it really kind of hurt when Brodie Lee did pass because we, as a group, were building so much momentum, and we were in the main event scene with Brodie as our leader and he was challenging for the belt. We were doing some really cool stuff, and then unfortunately once he died we were — not only did we not really have our main event guy anymore — we were almost forced to turn babyface. 

"I think that kind of hurt just because I think the company at the time needed some more heels. We had all of these babyfaces and now we're just one of many babyfaces if that makes sense. Then with all of the BTE skits that we did and stuff, we were also doing a lot of comedy, which is great, and I loved doing it and all of those BTE skits were awesome, but we just kind of had our place, I think, on the card. All those guys in that group are ultra talented, and every time they're on TV I'm watching and I'm very glad that they get to do what they're doing." 

Dark Order have recently become involved on TV again, with their depleted numbers beginning a feud with “Hangman” Adam Page, after he began ignoring the group following his reunion with The Elite. 

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