Aleister Black Pitched Taking Rey Mysterio's Children Hostage In WWE Angle

In a continuation of his late 2020 storyline

Aleister Black has revealed he pitched an angle which involved taking Rey Mysterio's children hostage in WWE. 

Black was involved with Rey, Dominik Mysterio and the family in the feud with Seth Rollins and Murphy. After the infamous 'Eye For An Eye' Match, Rollins coaxed Murphy into doing the same to Black in July 2020, writing him off of television for a month. 

Upon Black's return, he attacked Kevin Owens, and the recently released WWE talent has revealed he was going to then go after Rey Mysterio next, including pitching a storyline in which he took Rey's children hostage as part of him blaming The Ultimate Underdog for what happened to him. 

Speaking in a recent Twitch stream, Black said: "The good thing about this character was that he could've endlessly blamed people. He would start with Kevin Owens, because Kevin Owens wasn't there for him.

"After Kevin Owens, I wanted him to go to Rey Mysterio and then Rey Mysterio Junior. While actually the other way around, I wanted to like kinda work an angle where I would take Mysterio Junior and his daughter hostage and kind of make him feel the way he made me feel by abandoning me.

"And after I would've beaten them, I would've gone to like Buddy [Murphy] because Buddy was the one who took my eye out, but then you would think we would be redeemed, but no because he can't get fulfilment on it. "He can not get fulfilment on it because he refuses to take responsibility for the fact that he chose to be the punching bag. He chose to run out and help people because of his like moral code that he felt that he did so much wrong as that first character that he had to like save people in order to make his karma better."

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