Andrade Claims WWE Pulled Charlotte Flair From WrestleMania 37 Due To Mistaken Pregnancy

Charlotte's representatives have added further context

Charlotte Flair had been removed from advertising for WWE WrestleMania 37, around the same time that fiancee Andrade had been released from the company.

Many wondered if the two were connected, but when Flair revealed she had been diagnosed with COVID, many assumed that was the reason for her removal from the event poster.

Andrade, however, revealed that there's much more to it, in a conversation with Lucha Libre Online.

“About 15 days ago, two things happened," Andrade began. "When I asked for my release, it was on a Monday. The following day, I had things with the company and I got COVID and my girlfriend also tested positive. No one knows about this. I got COVID and after I got it. On Sunday, [roughly a week] after getting COVID, I got a call and they gave me the release. It was what I wanted. The doctor who punished me for the positive test last year.

"About three weeks, it was a Wednesday afternoon, like 7 or 8 PM, they called her and it was the same doctor from the [drug test]. She was a little scared, asking, ‘What’s happening, what’s going on?’ They told her that she was pregnant. She was confused because we went to a pharmacy. We bought pregnancy tests and everything went negative.

"How does a doctor, supposedly one of the best, go and tell her that? It was the same doctor who said I tested positive. Was that a lie too? WWE didn’t do anything about, no blood testing to make sure. So, it fell on us to go the next day and get tested to see if she was really pregnant. We did that on our own. Only then afterwards, WWE offered to help. But they took her out of storylines because ‘she wasn’t cleared because she was pregnant.’ Four days after more testing, WWE didn’t say anything. They pulled her out of storylines." 

A representative for Flair reached out to Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT to put Andrade's statements into context.

The statement reads, in part, "What Manny said about the pregnancy test in today's interview is true, but a significant amount of context is lost in translation and we'd like to clear that up as best we can. A few weeks ago, Charlotte received a call from WWE medical telling her that her HCG levels had come back high and she was medically suspended for pregnancy.

"That day, she took several home tests that all came back negative. A few days later, blood work and ultrasound confirmed there was no pregnancy. This was before any issues with Covid (she is currently medically clear)."

(Credit to Carlos Toro of Fightful for translation of Andrade's interview)

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