‘Angry Miz Girl’ Reacts To WWE Title Change

The Miz successfully cashed in on Drew McIntyre at Elimination Chamber

With news of The Miz becoming a two-time WWE Champion at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021, many fans instantly thought of ‘Angry Miz Girl’, a WWE fan who became a meme after Miz won his first WWE Title in 2010.

Over 10 years later, and with Miz once again at the summit of WWE, ‘Angry Miz Girl’ - aka Caley - spoke to Abhilash Mendhe of Sportskeeda about the title win:

“I personally think he’s one of the best on the roster, I know it’s a big change from my opinion 10 years ago but I love him when he’s a heel champion, I think he’s got the personality for it down to a T,” said Caley.

“I loved meeting The Miz and he was always super kind to me and he worked super hard, so I definitely think he deserves it.”

Miz himself referenced Caley in his post-PPV promo after Elimination Chamber:

“Cry, go ahead and cry, and keep on doing it because that is the fuel that lights my fire. I am your WWE Champion, whether you like it or not. Ten years ago we had an Angry Miz Girl and I hope, and I pray, that their are thousands upon thousands, millions of Angry Miz Girls right here, right now, sobbing, weeping, wishing that Drew McIntyre was still their WWE Champion. He is not, I am. So this is me saying I am now content being awesome. See you at WrestleMania, or at Monday Night RAW, whichever I feel like because I am champion and I do whatever the hell I want!”

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