Another WWE NXT Superstar Gets A New Name

Eric Bugenhagen, DJZ and ACH are no more...

There are three certainties in life at the moment: death, wrestlers from rival companies arguing on social media, and NXT Superstars having their ring name changed.

Over the last little while, at least nine of the yellow and black brand have been given new names. The renaming spree started when Eric Bugenhagen, Adrian Jaoude, Trevor Lee, Jessie Elaban, and Luke Menzies became Rick Bugez, Arturo Ruas, Cameron Grimes, Jessi Kamea, and Ridge Holland respectively.

Then, DJZ was given Joaquin Wilde as his new moniker, while Shane Strickland was renamed Isaiah Scott. ACH was then given Jordan Myles as his new name before Jonah Rock was given Bronson Reed.

The freshest renaming has seen Brennan Williams - who will be familiar to those who watch the Up Up Down Down YouTube channel - become Dio Madden.

It would appear that a video game/anime enthusiast such as Madden had a hand in picking the name, as "Dio" is a character in the Japanese anime show 'JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure', apparently.

Former NFL footballer Madden joined NXT in 2016 after a short stint training at Booker T's Reality Of Wrestling school.

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