Anthony Ogogo: WWE Offered Me More Money But I Believe In AEW's Vision

"The other place, they seem to care about money first and people if at all."

Anthony Ogogo has revealed how WWE offered him more money than All Elite Wrestling, but chose to join AEW because of their vision and respect for their performers.

An Olympic Bronze Medallist, Ogogo's professional career as a boxer ended before it really got going, with the 32-year-old sustaining an injury in October 2016 that left him registered blind in his left eye. 

Ogogo then began training to become a wrestler, signing for AEW in 2019 before making his debut in March 2021. He competed on Sunday's Double Or Nothing card against Cody Rhodes.

Speaking before the event, Ogogo believes he is getting a bonus career in professional wrestling and opted to join AEW over WWE, who offered him more money, because of the company's vision. 

Speaking to Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman, Ogogo explained: "What did I get out of my boxing career? I’m blind in my left eye. I didn’t achieve the things I wanted to achieve, and I left thinking, I should have been me. I was me. 

"I’m nice in many aspects. I’m respectful and polite, and if you respect me, I respect you. If I think you’re an a**hole, then I will treat you like you’re an a**hole. I’m just going to be unapologetically me. I’m getting a bonus career, I didn’t think I was ever going to be a wrestler. I thought I was going to be a boxer. This is bonus for me. I’m going to be me.

"That’s why I didn’t go to WWE. They offered me more money than AEW. I didn’t join them because I believe in Tony Khan’s vision. I believed in Cody Rhodes’ vision. I believe in AEW’s vision.

"I love being a part of AEW. I love how the team give a f**k about their wrestlers. If I’m going through a tough time in a minute, I’m getting texts from the management asking me if I’m okay daily. They care about the people rather than the money. 

"The other place, they seem to care about money first and people if at all. We care about other people first because they know that a happy workplace creates good stuff."

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