Ash By Elegance Discusses Her TNA Wrestling Debut

Ash by Elegance has spoken of her recent TNA debut

Ash by Elegance (fka Dana Brooke in WWE) made her TNA Wrestling debut at Hard to Kill on January 13, sitting ringside with her chauffeur to observe the TNA Knockouts World Championship match between Trinity and Jordynne Grace.

Reflecting on her debut during an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Ash said the following about her TNA arrival:

"It was such an amazing feeling. Being in Vegas, being at TNA Wrestling, Hard to Kill. Walking into an amazing arena and watching the Knockouts Division title match with Jordynne and Trinity, it was such a great feeling to make my presence be known as such an amazing event," Ash said.

When asked how her TNA run will be different form her WWE run, Ash said the following:

"You're going to see drive and determination and a side of me that people haven't seen. I had mentioned to people before in the locker room, when I was at TNA, 'I was never given the opportunity to show my true potential.' The one match I did where I really felt like I opened up was one of my last matches - the kendo stick match - and a match after that with the champion where I was able to bring out a different side of aggression and passion and things I felt like I was held back from because I was working 90-second matches. What can you do in that 90 seconds beside tell the story you're given to tell the story with? I feel as though TNA is going to let me explore this side of me of who I truly am. I want to go the limit. I was the girl, when we were putting matches together in WWE, 'I want to do this. I want to go high flying, I want to dive onto a table and be hit in the back with a chair.' They're like, 'No, we'll get there; we'll build to it.' I was the one, 'Put me in coach, I'll do this and do that.' TNA is the place where I'll be able to do it. It's hardcore and I'm ready for it,” said Ash.

It is currently unknown when Ash by Elegance will make her TNA in-ring debut.

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