Austin Theory Open To No DQ Match With Brock Lesnar At WWE WrestleMania 39

Austin Theory vs. Brock Lesnar at WWE WrestleMania 39?!

Austin Theory is open to a major match at WrestleMania 39.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc. ahead of the Royal Rumble, Theory revealed that he would be open to defending the United States Championship against Brock Lesnar at the Showcase of the Immortals. Not only that but Theory would like to face Lesnar in a No DQ Match since Brock would need weapons to defeat him. 

"If that's the challenge, I'll take the challenge. Me and Brock Lesnar for the United States Championship," Theory said before adding: "Definitely No Disqualification. Just because Brock's definitely going to need all the weapons he can use."

Theory and Lesnar have interacted on WWE TV before, with Lesnar last eliminating Theory in the 2022 Elimination Chamber match to regain the WWE Championship. Lesnar then helped Theory retain the United States Title over Bobby Lashley on Raw is XXX in January by F5-ing Theory onto the fallen Lashley. 

Despite Theory's comments, both him and Lashley are seemingly set for different matches at 'Mania. Lesnar is reportedly scheduled to face Lashley in their blow-off match, while Theory appears to be set for a clash with John Cena. 

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