Bandido Reveals Why He Didn't Sign With AEW Following All In

Bandido stayed with Ring of Honor following All In

Before AEW came to be, there was All In - the biggest independent wrestling PPV in living memory, with many of the performers featured on the card eventually signing with AEW upon the company’s launch.

One name who didn’t sign with AEW was Bandido, who featured in All In’s main event. Now, during a conversation with SO CATCH, the former ROH World Champion reveals why didn’t sign with AEW:

“In that moment, the rules for AEW [was] not good for me or my career,” Bandido admitted. “In that moment, New Japan is like my goal. When I started the negotiation with WWE, AEW, and Ring of Honor, Ring of Honor mentioned it in my contract, ‘Also you can go to New Japan,’ and I say, ‘okay, I want to sign, but I want to go to New Japan too.’ They say, ‘Okay, yeah, we’re going to try to help you to go to New Japan”. And they helped me. I did Best of Super Juniors, and I took a match against Will Ospreay, and that was amazing. Yeah, for that reason, I don’t sign with AEW.”

Bandido dropped the ROH World Title to Jonathan Gresham at Supercard of Honor 2022 - the first ROH show since Tony Khan purchased the company. Now that the relationship between ROH/AEW/NJPW is stronger than ever, would Bandido consider staying put?

“Yeah, I’m here. And why not?” Bandido said. “If AEW is interested in Bandido? Yeah, I want to do AEW, I want to do Ring of Honor, I want to do independent wrestling. Now I’m focusing on my career and focusing on my life because when my baby comes in to my life and I need to be 100% healthy for him.”

H/T: WrestleZone

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