Bayley Admits I Quit Match Stipulation For WWE SmackDown Women's Title Bout Is 'A Little Intimidating'

The two will meet at WWE Money In The Bank 2021

Bayley has spoken about facing Bianca Belair in an I Quit Match, admitting she finds the stipulation 'a little intimidating'. 

Bayley will challenge Belair for the SmackDown Women's Championship at Money In The Bank 2021 in an I Quit bout, with the only way to win by making your opponent say they quit.

Speaking after the bout was made official, The Role Model believes Belair is stupid for choosing such a stipulation, saying it is a decision the champion will come to regret.

Speaking on Talking Smack, Bayley said: "It’s a ridiculous thought to think that Bianca could actually make me utter the words, ‘I Quit.’ Are you serious? Have you seen what I’ve done?

"Yes, she’s gotten lucky a few times, she used a ladder the other time, but there is no possible way that I will sit there and force Bianca to make me say I quit. There’s no way. She’s an idiot for choosing this match. I am such a genius for getting inside the champion’s head, who’s supposed to have a different mindset. Bianca doesn’t realize that I’m like 10,000 steps ahead of her.

"So, this match is a little intimidating for me. So, imagine how Bianca feels. Yeah, it’s intimidating to me, but I’ve been ready for every single thing that’s been thrown at me in my career in WWE since day one. I’m ready for anything. Bianca is done for. I don’t care what she thinks or the title that she holds because it’s coming back home."

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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