Big E: AEW Forces WWE To Raise Our Game

Big E thinks AEW is a good thing for WWE

Big E says the existence of All Elite Wrestling forces talent in WWE to 'raise our game' and is also delighted performers who may not fit in WWE have somewhere else they can wrestle on television. 

Big E notes that, as WWE Champion, some people might expect and prefer him to not acknowledge or even talk down about AEW, but the New Day member says that is not his style.

Speaking on the 'Illuminerdi' podcast, Big E said: "I know, from a fan perspective, a lot of people would prefer that I come in here and trash talk everyone in AEW and stir the pot. But that’s not my style.

"I think it forces us to raise our game. If you watch their shows, and you see rabid fans/people losing their minds and people loving those shows. It should make us want to say, ‘Yo! We want to be dominating them. We want to step our game up. We want to put on the better show.’

"I think it’s just also very good we have men and women who may not fit here in WWE, who may not want – whatever it is. But now they have a place they can go. And they can wrestle. They can make money. They can live their dream. They can be on TV, so I think it’s great."

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