Big E: Apollo Crews WWE Feud Came Along At The Right Time

Big E faced Apollo Crews at WrestleMania 37

Big E believes his feud with Apollo Crews on WWE SmackDown came along at the right time but wishes they had been given at least one opportunity to have a longer match. 

E and Crews had a heated rivalry in the first half of 2021 over the Intercontinental Championship, which led to Crews winning the Title from Big E at WrestleMania 37. 

Reflecting on the feud, E feels it was the right situation for him, coming out of years of being in The New Day.

Speaking to The A Show on RNC Radio, he said: "That was nice [feud with Apollo Crews] because for me, I loved what I had accomplished with The New Day but in the same sense too, I think last year, I was getting to that point where I was kind of bored because I felt like, ‘We can keep doing this and keep winning tag titles and we’ll have fun together because it’s y’all,’ but, I wanted a new challenge and I think I was ready to just do something different.

"So, the Apollo stuff came along at a nice time. I wanna say, at least my first program I remember was the one with Sheamus, we did that Falls Count Anywhere and then we went into the stuff with Apollo soon after but, I really — I think Apollo is extremely [talented] in the ring and I was happy for him to finally get that opportunity to show he can do something a little bit different.

"But yeah, even then with all the matches we had, I still felt like we didn’t even have like a moment where we could have had like a 25, 30-minute thing. We didn’t really have that either so, yeah I’m hoping he gets more opportunities on Raw, hopefully. Just stay away from me for a little bit. I just need some time away from Apollo after what felt like a consistent six-month feud."

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