Billy Corgan Claims NWA Is Like Mid-90s ECW

Yes, Billy Corgan has compared the NWA to mid-90s ECW

It’s been nearly 30 years since Shane Douglas threw down the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title in an ECW ring, but in 2022 it’s the NWA that still operates whilst ECW is but a distant memory.

The trailblazing hardcore federation is still fondly remembered by its rabid fanbase, and interestingly, NWA owner Billy Corgan sees similarities between his operation and Paul Heyman’s ECW of the mid-90s, telling Steve Fall on the 10 Count:

“I feel like we’re in that ECW mid-90s position where, we’re actually building something that has a lot of momentum, but the general business doesn’t understand that something is happening on the ground because they’re focused on what’s happening elsewhere. That’s what I keep telling people, don’t sleep on us. They’re going to wake up one day and be very surprised that we’re very competitive.

“Everything I’m doing is to rebuild the culture of the NWA from the ground up. It’s not always as flashy as I would like it to be or splashy, but once we hit our stride - and we’re just about there now - when you look at the physicality of the NWA as opposed to other wrestling companies, that’s really going to be the difference maker. We’re pretty much the most physical company out there. When you’re trying to attract new fans, mainstream fans, lapsed fans, and fans who at some point burn out on too much no-selling, they’re going to come back around to the NWA and realise that there is validity there that is timeless. That’s what we’re going on and it’s starting to really click now," Corgan said.

Corgan famously worked with ECW in the late 90s/early 2000s, and was spotted ringside at Anarchy Rulz 99 in Chicago.

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