Billy Corgan Insists NWA TV Deals Are Still In Place

The NWA apparently still has TV deals in place despite controversy

The NWA has been under some unwelcome spotlight over the last week, with reports emerging that a spot using illegal substances at their Samhain PPV has negatively impacted a TV deal agreed with The CW Network. This talk was stirred up more with the news that NXT would now be moving to The CW Network. 

Billy Corgan has been under a lot of fire due to booking the PPV bit, but he has since doubled down on his comments about having multiple TV deals in place. Corgan spoke on Drew Garabo Live, and responded to a question about NWA’s future on television.

“We are free on YouTube, but the way YouTube works, and the way people’s schedules are, unless they go looking for stuff, they may not know you’re there. TV deals are at the core of it, and there has been a ton of speculation lately, and I stand by what I said. We have two TV deals with a top 20 network. That’s all I can say for now. There is lots of speculation that’s not true, but I can stand here and say, hand on heart, that is absolutely true.”

It remains to be seen if Corgan is still referring to The CW Network, or if there is another top 20 network that he has made a deal with too. 


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Written by Andrew Kelly