Bobby Fish Addresses Rumour That He Tried To Convince Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly To Quit AEW For WWE

Bobby Fish addresses the debunked rumour

Following reports that WWE had reached out to several AEW talents about potentially jumping ship to the company, Ryan Frederick of the Wrestling Observer claimed on the outlet's message board that Bobby Fish tried to convince Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly to ask for their AEW releases and return to WWE. 

The report was later debunked by Fightful Select, though, with numerous AEW sources denying Fish had tried to convince Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly to jump ship, while WWE sources noted there hadn't been talks between Fish and the company. 

Now, Fish has commented on the rumour on his Undisputed Podcast, noting "none of it is real." 

"Guess what boys, after over 25 years in the wrestling business, I don't know how contracts work myself. What was most troublesome and amusing at the same time was how many outlets picked up on....if there's anybody who knows that it's totally fabricated information, it would be me, Adam, Kyle, Hunter [Triple H], the people that they're talking about, who didn't do any of the things. None of it is real," Fish said.

"Even people like Jim Cornette picked it up and commented on it. Jim and I always had a great relationship. If I'm being honest, Jim hurt my feelings a little bit by believing some bulls**t about me so easily. It is what it is, but that's what sucks the most about it. The people that write this stuff, there is no checks and balances, there are no ramifications when you are in the wrong and they will continue to write whatever they're going to write and it gets picked up by whomever. The fact or fiction line doesn't matter and the whole thing is absurd. I appreciate the fact that AEW did what they did. It is no favour to me, it's just the truth. There is no favour needed, let's just all tell the truth."

Bobby Fish was previously a part of AEW but he left the promotion at the end of August when his contract expired. He has since debuted in IMPACT Wrestling and reportedly has dates with the company until at least October 8. 

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