Bobby Lashley: My WWE Character Transcends The Babyface / Heel Dynamic

"We’re not doing anything bad. I go out there and rough people up."

Bobby Lashley believes his current WWE character does not fit the mould of a traditional babyface or heel, and can pivot according to the superstar he is up against. 

Lashley has been presented as a dominant heel over the last year on Monday Night Raw but, in facing The Miz for the WWE Championship last week, allowed the then-champion to lean into his heelish tactics and therefore presented himself in more of a face role. 

Having won the title from The Miz last week, Lashley retained against 'The A-lister' in dominant fashion in a rematch on Monday night, and has spoken about how his WWE persona can pivot according to who he is facing. 

Speaking to The Wrap, Lashley said: "I never put myself in that babyface-or-heel [polarity]. You lean to the heel side a little bit more because you guys just do what you want to do. But we’re not doing anything bad. I go out there and rough people up, so I guess I should be. 

"But I think my character, who I am, kind of transcends that babyface-heel thing. I think it really depends on who I go against. I mean, if somebody else can bring your level up to being just a nasty heel that just does some very nasty stuff, then you know what… Look, even with The Miz, when I went against The Miz last Monday, people were kind of cheering for me and they were booing for Miz. So it was kind of like I was leaning toward the babyface side and Miz was almost the heel side, but he played the heel perfect."

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