Bobby Lashley Names The Raw Superstars Ready To Challenge For The WWE Title

Who is next in line to challenge The All Mighty?

Bobby Lashley has named a host of WWE Raw superstars - including Keith Lee, Randy Orton and AJ Styles - as individuals he can see himself defending the WWE Championship against.

Lashley retained the WWE Title against Drew McIntyre inside Hell In A Cell on Sunday, meaning the Scottish Warrior can no longer challenge for the Championship while Lashley is champion. 

Speaking before Sunday's pay-per-view, The reigning champ could see there are a number of superstars he feels are ready to step up for an opportunity.

Speaking with Anthony Sulla-Heffinger of Yahoo! Sports, Lashley said: "I think we’re looking for that next person, and if you look at the roster for RAW, it’s a very exciting time. There are probably about eight guys who are right there at that level — Randy Orton, A.J. Styles, Keith Lee, Miz, Morrison, Elias, Ryker, Priest. There are guys who are ready to step up and it’s exciting for me. I’m looking forward to it.”

One person Lashley didn't mention was Kofi Kingston, who defeated The All Mighty in singles action a few weeks ago.

Lashley was then asked if he would be interested in defending the WWE Championship against The New Day member.

He continued: "Hell yeah. Someone like me stepping up in a fight against Kofi, it should be a layup and that’s not how people think it will go down,” Lashley said. “That’s what excites me about Kofi. I like Kofi and what he’s done for the business, and to have a fight with him, I would love to have that opportunity.

"He was a World Champion and the one opportunity that he didn’t get was to have another shot at the title."

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