Bobby Lashley Reveals He Wrestled Injured For Much Of 2021

Bobby Lashley discusses wrestling with an injury in WWE.

In a recent appearance on Sam Roberts' NotSam Wrestling podcast, WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley talked about working while injured.

Lashley, who recently lost his WWE United States Championship to Seth Rollins, first detailed a recent hand injury, explaining:

"I'm sitting there celebrating, and blood is just gushing out of my hand. [...] So I'm holding the title and it's gushing, just pouring and pouring blood. It hurt like hell [during his next match on Raw against Mustafa Ali], and it's cut all the way across; stitches are popping out. [...] I told the trainer just wrap it up. Tape it up, I'm ready to go!"

Lashley then revealed that he'd worked with a far more serious injury in recent memory, stating:

"I wrestled half of the year last year with a torn rotator cuff. Seventy-five percent tear in my rotator."

He did, however, reassure listeners that the injury didn't prevent him from safely lifting people in matches during that timeframe. 

Lashley is set to take on Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel on November 5.

H/T to Wrestling Inc.

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