Bret Hart Says WrestleMania Match With Steve Austin The "Greatest Song" He Ever Sang

Bret Hart rates his match with Steve Austin at WWE WrestleMania 13 as his best ever.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Bret Hart has revealed that he rates his WrestleMania 13 submission match with Steve Austin as his greatest. 

“The match with Steve, that’s the greatest song I ever sang. When I watch it back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I still love seeing that spot where I’m punching the daylights out of Steve in the corner and he kicks me in the groin. It was a beautiful, violent piece of art. Working with Steve was easy, it was fun, and it was memorable.

“We had this harmonious relationship. Steve was somebody that had a lot of respect for me, and he showed it in that match. And I wanted to do all I could for Steve in those days. I was a big advocate for Steve before he ever got to WWF, so I was really happy for him.”

The match is remembered for its finish, which saw a double-turn between Hart and Austin, setting up Stone Cold to become the Attitude Era's number one babyface. 

Hart also wished Austin well for his involvement at this weekend's WrestleMania 38. The Texan is scheduled to be the guest on a Kevin Owens Show segment, although a physical encounter is anticipated.

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