Brian Cage Explains Why He Chose AEW Over WWE

Creative Control Was Important For The FTW Champion...

Brian Cage spoke with and opened up on his decision to sign with AEW, as opposed to WWE. 

Cage left IMPACT Wrestling earlier this year but needed to wait before getting back in the ring, as he underwent surgery on a torn bicep. 

According to The Swolverine, there were several factors behind his decision to sign with Tony Khan's organisation: "There were multiple factors. I think just overall, it was the cool, new thing that everybody wants to be a part of, obviously, but to be able to break through the reach I’d already done – the Ring of Honor crowd, the IMPACT crowd, and so on. And I felt like I needed to go to a bigger, national scene like an AEW.

"AEW had the most unique, cooler [potential] matches, if you will, and all of them would be first-time ever matches, whereas everywhere else would have been repeats and not as exciting. And if I were to go to WWE, I wouldn’t have as much creative control. That, artistically speaking, was a big reason why. I’m going to go to a place where I can showcase my abilities and have the most fun, intriguing matches and I had more personal desire to go to AEW than anywhere else.”

Cage wrestled Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship at last night's Fight for the Fallen episode of Dynamite. 

He is the current FTW Champion, though the title is not officially recognised by AEW. 

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