Brian Cage: Tony Khan Prefers AEW Talent Not Work WrestleMania Weekend Shows

No Brian Cage at WrestleMania weekend shows

All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan recently revealed his promotion would never run a show during WrestleMania weekend and Khan's aversion to the WWE-centric weekend seemingly extends to talent. 

Speaking to GV Wire, Brian Cage revealed he hasn't taken any bookings for WrestleMania weekend because Tony Khan would prefer AEW wrestlers not to be affiliated with anything revolving around WWE.

"Oh dang (the card show), that's WrestleMania week, but actually, because of the AEW contract, we're actually not...[Tony Khan] would rather us not do anything WrestleMania weekend because he wants AEW not to be affiliated...everything happens WrestleMania weekend around WWE. He doesn't want anyone to look like AEW is beneath WWE. Technically, I had a bunch of stuff I could have done out there, but I can't do it," Cage said. 

The Machine remains under contract with All Elite Wrestling but he hasn't performed for the promotion since October of 2021. He has remained active on the independent wrestling scene, though, and the 38-year-old noted he enjoys performing on the independents because he can have "the Brian Cage matches" he wants to have. 

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