Brian Pillman Jr. Addresses His AEW Booking

Brian Pillman Jr. has been rarely featured on AEW TV in 2022

In 2021 it seemed like Brian Pillman Jr. was a star in waiting for AEW, with the second-generation star regularly featured across AEW TV as part of The Varsity Blonds and in singles feuds with the likes of MJF. 2022 has been a different story for Pillman, with Flyin' Brian barely featuring on AEW TV, and losing every time he does.

Indeed, Pillman’s last appearance on Dynamite came in August 2022, where the Blonds were defeated in a 30-second squash by the Gunn Club without Pillman ever tagging in. Now, in a recent interview with Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman, Pillman has spoken of his booking in AEW:

"That's just the nature of the beast," Pillman Jr. said. "We all want stuff to happen right away. But they did sign me and Griff to some lucrative longer deals, so it's not like there isn't food on the table, but there comes a certain aspect where you start to get hungry for more and you want to get back in the spotlight."

"And a lot of my work, I'm just starting to take more pride in because no one else will for you," Pillman continued. "No one else is going to give you that push. You got to kind of push yourself sometimes."

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