Brock Lesnar Fully Focused On UFC For Now, But "Door Is Open" For WWE Return

The Beast will be back in the octagon come early 2019...

It's being reported by PWInsider that former WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is on his way out of WWE and is heading back to UFC, with the door back into professional wrestling not fully closed. While the report states that a return to the ring one day is not out of the question, it is believed he will be leaving WWE to focus all of his attention on UFC going forward.

It has been speculated for some time that Brock Lesnar would be leaving WWE once his current contract expires - many expected him to depart the company after WrestleMania this past April, but he reportedly signed an extension to his contract that kept him around until this past Sunday night for SummerSlam.

At The Biggest Event/Party of the Summer, Lesnar lost his Universal Championship to Roman Reigns, with many expecting The Beast to retaliate in some form or fashion on Monday's Raw since he was advertised for the show by both WWE and the Barclays Center. He didn't appear on the broadcast in the end, with a few outlets reporting that he flew home following SummerSlam. 

On Raw this past Monday night, Raw GM Kurt Angle denied Brock Lesnar a rematch for the Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell, essentially confirming the notion that Brock will not be back wrestling anytime soon. The Olympic gold medalist told Paul Heyman that his client wouldn't be receiving another shot at the title for a very long time. Now that Angle has been placed on holiday by Stephanie McMahon, does this stance still stand? We'll have to wait and see.

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