Brock Lesnar WWE Contract Update, Some Details Being Kept Secret

More news has come to light regarding Lesnar's new deal with WWE.

Updates are circulating regarding Brock Lesnar's WWE new contract, including a certain aspect of it that WWE appear to be keeping close to their chest.

Lesnar shocked fans by defeating Braun Strowman to win the WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel last week, with many predicting that Strowman would claim the title given Brock's limited availability. Instead, Lesnar signed a new deal with WWE, one which will reportedly see him wrestle two matches.

Reporting for MMAFighting.com, Dave Meltzer writes:

'With Reigns out, Lesnar got a new offer from McMahon to replace Reigns as his top singles champion. Lesnar agreed secretly to the new deal, and won the pro wrestling championship again. The new deal is for multiple shows, but its length of time has been kept secretive. But it is known that Lesnar is scheduled as late as April of next year for WrestleMania.'

The idea of Brock Lesnar being booked up to WrestleMania 35 is an interesting (and potentially controversial) one. His last reign with the Universal Championship was highly criticised due to his regular, long absences from the product. If the two-match part of Lesnar's contract is true, that would theoretically see him wrestle AJ Styles at Survivor Series - a non-title match that has already been announced - before dropping the belt at a later date.

If the date of that second match is indeed WrestleMania, it seems as though we could be in for another long Brock Lesnar reign - potentially one with no defences at all until April 2019.

WWE's interest in keeping the length of the contract secret could see Lesnar kept around longer, beyond WrestleMania. However, after facing Styles at Survivor Series, with one match then left on the current version of the deal, it would surely be a surprise to see Brock miss out on the biggest show of the year.

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