Bronson Reed Aiming To Emulate RVD With NXT North American Title Reign

Will Reed surpass Van Dam’s 700 day reign?

New NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed is understandably euphoric after his cage match win against Johnny Gargano, but he isn’t about to rest on his laurels.

Whilst speaking to Sports Illustrated, Reed outlined his aims as Champion, including some lofty ambitions.

“I am such a different performer, so I hope I bring something to the championship that others haven’t,” said Reed “Also, earlier we mentioned the Rob Van Dam run with the ECW [World] Television title - that’s what I am looking to accomplish. Not so much the lengthiness of his run, though that would be incredible, but he elevated that championship to be almost the main title. That’s how I want people to see the North American championship. If this title is being defended on the same night as the NXT title, I hope people want to see this title defended more. That’s what I want to do for this belt.”

Van Dam memorably reigned as ECW TV Champion for 700 days from 1998 to 2000, only dropping the title due to injury. Whilst long title runs in modern WWE are rare, there is still every chance for Reed to reach Van Dam's level and elevate the North American Title.

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