Bruce Prichard: I Don't Think We'll Have To Imagine WWE Without Vince McMahon For A Long Time

McMahon turns 77 this year

Vince McMahon is 76 years old, and has been running WWE for over 40 years. Although some sections of the WWE fanbase are preparing, or even looking-forward to a time when Vince is no longer in charge, Bruce Prichard reckons they’ll have to wait, saying he can see McMahon running WWE until he’s 100.

Prichard made the claims on the Something to Wrestle With podcast, saying the following in conversation with Conrad Thompson:

“Yes [I always felt like Vince McMahon would continue running WWE past the early 2000s]. Absolutely. Yeah, I can’t imagine him not doing it and I am sure that he will continue to do it probably for the next 25-to-30 years. His mom’s 101 and still going so, you know, he shows no signs of slowing down at all and he’s a freak of nature and it’s hard to imagine it without him and I don’t think that we’ll have to imagine it without him for a long, long time.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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