Bryan Danielson Looking Forward To Being More Violent In AEW

“I think in wrestling, sometimes that’s called for.”

During his AEW in-ring debut against Kenny Omega at the Grand Slam Dynamite special, fans will have noticed a renewed focus and drive in Bryan Danielson, as he busted out several moves and mannerisms from his ROH days.

This Bryan was a different beast to the ‘Leader of the Yes Movement’ and The American Dragon was sometimes downright violent, and in conversation with the Sports Illustrated Media podcast, Danielson said he’s enjoying the lack of a PG viewpoint in AEW:

“Well, I’ve already used the s-h-i-t word on TV, but I think it’s all circumstantial,” said Danielson “I don’t look forward to using curse words, but the one thing that I do look forward to doing is not having to worry about PG in the sense of the actual wrestling. You can just get a little bit more intense and a little bit, I hate to use the word ‘violent’, but a little bit more violent in AEW. And I think in wrestling, sometimes that’s called for. When you have the big grudge match, people want to see that. I think one thing in WWE is when you start doing the Hell in the Cell matches, there’s no blood or whatever it is. I’m excited for that.”

HT: Wrestling Inc.

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