Butch Reveals AEW Stars Inspired His New WWE Character

Butch has lifted the lid on his new character

When Pete Dunne was finally called up to WWE main roster, he adopted a new character and personality, going by the name Butch.

The character change was greeted with derision by long-term fans of Dunne, but as he revealed to the Metro, he took inspiration from some of AEW’s most straight laced stars to find his new identity:

“My biggest inspirations in wrestling are people like [William] Regal – some of his best work was the straightlaced stuff later in his career, right? But earlier in his run he was the commissioner doing all sorts of funny stuff. People like Daniel Bryan, when he was here – part of what got him, where he was, was the stuff with Kane. Everyone has variety, you can’t just be one thing forever and I’ve been with the company for six years,” said Butch.

Butch does recognise the fans who were sad to see Pete Dunne go, but assured them they have nothing to worry:

“It will never be forgotten but people appreciate the Pete Dunne Bruiserweight stuff, and they will also appreciate the work that’s gonna be done under Butch,” Butch said. “I’m just looking at it as an amazing opportunity, and just embracing and having fun with it. Working with Sheamus and Ridge is great too, so I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

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