Cassie Lee & Jessica McKay Reveal Origins Of 'The IInspiration'

The former IIconics speak out

Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee have revealed where they got the...err...inspiration for their new 'The IInspiration' tag-team name.

McKay and Lee debuted in IMPACT Wrestling at Bound For Glory 2021, winning the Knockouts Tag Team Championships from Decay, while using their new tag-team name for the first time as well.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Lee said: "We had a couple other ideas, but we just didn’t love it and we weren’t sure that it was really us. Jess and I pull a lot of our inspiration from pop culture and teen drama movies that we love. And one of them that we love is Bring It On.

"There’s a scene where they call themselves ‘Inspiration Leaders.’ And I was like ‘um, okay, I think that narrows it down. And I’ll put tto I’s in front of it because that just works.'”

Speaking about the growth it shows, McKay added; “I think it’s the perfect evolution, because The IIconics were somewhat seen as a comedy tag team. There’s nothing wrong with that, we loved doing that. But we never really– for a brief time, we got to show both sides of our competitiveness and comedy.

"But I feel like The IInspiration is taking that to a whole other level. We have full creative control from our outfits, from our hair and makeup, to our entrance music that we got professionally done. We have a music video dropping. We’ve gone all out and created this whole world for The IInspiration. And I’m so in love with it, and I am so excited for people to see what we’ve come up with. Because it really is the evolution of The IIconics."

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