Chad Gable Pitched His WWE Heel Turn

Chad Gable pitched his own WWE heel turn

Chad Gable is currently one of the hottest heels in WWE, with Gable’s drive to become Intercontinental Champion causing him to snap at those around him.

Gable’s own Alpha Academy turned their backs on him on the June 17 edition of WWE Raw after having enough of his bullying ways, and during an interview with The Gorilla Position, Gable revealed how he himself pitched the heel turn:

“The whole idea to turn heel was kind of my idea,” Gable said. “I felt like I had almost flatlined as a babyface somewhere around WrestleMania. Came up short against Gunther a few times, then short against Sami. And at a certain point, something’s got to change or the people are not going to buy into you any further.”

Gable continued, noting how turning on Sami Zayn in his hometown of Montreal was the perfect place to do it:

“We made it happen and just the stars aligned perfectly and I feel like it just worked out in our favour,” Gable continued. “Since then, Otis is this perfect, sympathetic guy that you can’t help but feel bad for. So, really we’ve just got everything in our favour working for us right now and it’s great that the story is going so well.”

Gable recently agreed terms on a new deal with WWE.

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