Championship Match At WWE Money In The Bank Cut Short (EVENT SPOILERS)

Due to unplanned circumstances...

On a night with plenty of unusual occurrences and memorable moments, one of the championship bouts at the 2019 Money in the Bank went home far earlier than intended, and it was because of an unexpected moment in the early going.

Rey Mysterio won the WWE United States title from Samoa Joe in under two minutes, marking their second straight pay-per-view encounter that ended extremely quickly.

Mysterio pulled Joe down into a hurrachanrana pinning combination, and despite Joe's shoulder being so far off the canvas that you could build a skyscraper under it, the referee levied the count anyway.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that WWE made the call to end the match early, due to Joe losing an excessive amount of blood, from what appeared to have potentially been a broken nose.

The match ended after a reported one minute and 39 seconds due to the blood loss, but they still ran with the post-match angle, in which a furious Joe mauled Mysterio, while Mysterio's son Dominic looked on.

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