Chelsea Green: Mickie James And I Bonded Over Scrapped WWE Storyline

Both Green & James were released by WWE earlier this year

Chelsea Green has revealed how she and Mickie James became close friends and bonded over a scrapped plan for the duo to work together in WWE.

Both Green and James have previously spoken about how plans were in place in WWE for the duo to recreate the famous stalker angle that James previously ran with Trish Stratus back in 2005/2006. Green would have taken on James' role, as the stalker, while Mickie would be the legendary superstar that was being stalked.

Both Green and James have since left WWE, being released earlier this year, and Green says she and the former WWE Women's Champion would chat endlessly about ideas for their programme together.

Speaking on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, Green said: "With Mickie, that is someone I didn’t even realize I was emulating until I was so deep into the Hot Mess and people were comparing us and I’m like ‘you are so right.'

"And then of course we built this bond over not being able to have our storyline together. When we were told we were getting this storyline, it was going to be Mickie-Trish 2.0. Mickie was going to be Trish, I was going to be Mickie, and then it was possibly going to lead with something with Trish, who knows? 

"We had so many plans and so many ideas. We were talking on the phone every day and we were so excited.

"So we bonded over the loss of our brainchild and ever since then she’s just been so Team Chelsea. How could I ever, who would’ve thought that when I started wrestling that Mickie James would be behind me and that I would be able to text her, call her at any point in time. How cool is that?"

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