Chicago Officer Punished For Giving Hulk Hogan A Ride Across Airport Tarmac

Oh brother, brother...

Hulk Hogan's recent time at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport inadvertently got a police officer into some hot water, thanks to some special treatment he received from the cop in question.

Hogan, longtime confidante Jimmy Hart, and a cameraman were being escorted by the officer across the tarmac at O'Hare. The officer was blaring his siren, prompting Hogan to joke in the video (which he posted to Facebook), "My Uber's got a siren".

At one juncture in the video, the car comes too close to a truck for Hogan's comfort, prompting Hulk to urgently tell the cop to watch out.

Thanks to the actions seen in the video, however, the officer will lose a special certification that allows him to drive a vehicle on the tarmac, according to an update in The Chicago Tribune.

A representative for police superintendent Eddie Johnson said, “The activity and behavior demonstrated in that video poses a significant risk to the officers and overall aviation safety on the airfield. The superintendent was furious about what he saw.”

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