Chris Jericho Debuting New Finishing Move In AEW

The 48-year-old continues evolving...

Perhaps Chris Jericho's greatest positive is that he never stops adding new elements to his overall presentation, be they character quirks, costume choices, or even maneuvers. The 48-year-old multi-time World champion continues evolving, and has promised to debut a new finishing move in All Elite Wrestling.

Named "The Judas Effect", the move is a forceful spinning back elbow to the face of the opponent. Jericho developed the move at Dave Batista's MMA gym in Tampa, while training with former fighter Josh Rafferty.

In the video, Rafferty puts over the danger of the spinning back elbow in a martial arts setting, claiming that the move is rarely taught any more due to its lethal capabilities.

Jericho says the move will be "exclusive" to AEW, and ends the video by saying, "Beware of the Judas Effect, because it's going to knock you the f**k out."

Jericho had previously toyed with the idea of doing a striking finish in WWE. In his third set of memoirs, "Best in The World", Jericho tells of developing a sliding forearm smash alongside Lance Storm in 2011 that he intended to call "Apocalypse Now", to be introduced during his 2012 comeback with WWE. He later abandoned the move, claiming he "didn't have the time or the patience to get it over."

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