Chris Jericho Says He’s An AEW Employee, Not An Independent Contractor - Talks Performers' Health Benefits

WWE do their business in a different way to All Elite it seems...

Just as WrestleMania 35 season was getting into full swing, John Oliver presented an extended segment on his Last Week Tonight show lambasting WWE's treatment of their talent - specifically, Oliver explained how WWE are able to avoid providing wrestlers with benefits by designating its employees as independent contractors.

This has been a topic of discussion for about 30 years or so, ever since Jesse "The Body" Ventura attempted to unionise professional wrestling.

Ventura recently welcomed AEW and NJPW star Chris Jericho onto his The World According to Jesse show where the topic of employee status came up.

Jericho explained that he is an employee of All Elite Wrestling with health benefits: "I don't know everybody's specific deals but I know for myself I am an employee of AEW so there are inroads to that, at least for me. I am a designated employee of the company.

"I think there are options opening up more into this sort of vibe. When you play for a sports team  - which the Khan family who own AEW, they own the Jacksonville Jaguars, they own the Fulham Football Club in London -  so there is a different vibe there. It's much more of a big-time sports mentality rather than the old school wrestling mentality.

"It's harder to get healthcare just by proxy of what we do for a living. AEW has healthcare and dental for the performers which is another thing, once again you're talking here about a big sports team mentality rather than every man for himself way of doing things that the business has had for years."

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