Chris Sabin Wants X Division To Become Main Focus Of TNA Once More

Chris Sabin wants the glory days of the X Division to return with TNA

With IMPACT returning to the TNA Wrestling name in 2024, a wave of nostalgia and optimism has washed over the promotion, with it hoped that the rebrand will help the company reach the next level.

One feature that helped the old TNA win a legion of fans was the innovative X Division, with the likes of AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and more offering a true alternative to what was happening in WWE, and TNA’s main event scene.

Chris Sabin knows the X Division all too well, and the record setting X Division Champion wants to see the division thrust to the forefront of TNA once more, with Sabin saying the following to the Battleground Podcast:

"Well, I mean, I think the X-Division is basically what made TNA stick out, especially back in the day, that was like the flagship division of the company," Sabin said. "If you wanted to compare TNA to some other company, 'What do they have that this other company doesn't have?' Well, there's the X-Division. It's kind of been ill-defined. They say, 'It's not about weight limits, it's about no limits.'. It's kind of been considered a cruiserweight division, but there's been heavyweights that have won the X-Division Championship, so you couldn't really say that.”

"I just want the X-Division to get back to the heights that it was at when it was the flagship main division in the promotion," Sabin added. "I would love to bring in a lot of new guys, especially guys on the independents, that deserve a shot. I would love to have a run where I continue wrestling all of these new guys that deserve a shot and eventually, we'll discover a talent that's worth investing in and then we can hire that guy. The X-Division has been about making new stars and I think, hopefully, I can use that as a tool to help IMPACT/TNA discover new talent and possibly hire them.”

When pressed on who he would like to see come to TNA and try a make a name for themselves in the X Division, a few names were on Sabin’s mind:

"Man, there's, there's a lot of guys. Judas Icarus. He's a guy that I wrestled recently for Prestige, I think he's amazing, amazingly talented, very unique. It's not easy to stand out and be unique in wrestling nowadays, and he's done that on the independent level, and I think that's pretty amazing. He has a partner, Travis [Williams]. They wrestled Alex Shelley and I about a month ago, for Prestige also, I think he is really good," said Sabin. "Titus Alexander is another one. I wrestled him several months ago for West Coast Pro and I think he's very talented. There's other ones that I can't think of right now, I just got back from Mexico yesterday and I'm still recovering. So, I apologise, but those guys for sure."

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