CJ Perry Gives Her Take On Why WWE Ended 'Rusev Day'

CJ Perry talks about why Vince McMahon ended 'Rusev Day' in WWE.

CJ Perry - AKA former WWE Superstar Lana - spoke recently on In The Kliq about numerous topics, including that of 'Rusev Day.' 

Perry's real-life husband Rusev (now Miro in AEW) was infamously popular with WWE fans despite portraying a heel figure - and remains one of the most widely-cited modern examples of Vince McMahon refusing to listen to his audience's demands. 

Perry gave her thoughts on Vince's refusal to push Rusev as a babyface despite such popularity, explaining: 

"I think at the end of the day, Vince loves Miro as a villain. So that was really the bottom line of the struggle - he wanted him to be his Bulgarian 300-pound crazy villain. I mean it was his company, still is, and that was his creative vision. I think that was always the conflict of it."

Rusev did enjoy some success in WWE, with three US Championship reigns to his name, but never fully ascended to a main event level. He debuted as Miro in AEW in September 2020, and is currently still under contract with the promotion, where he is a one-time TNT Champion. 

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