CM Punk's A-List Wake-Up & Chelsea Green's Playboy Past: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

Another week, another Monday night nadir...

9. Return Of The Original Belt Collector

Sonny onoo ultimo dragon

The comparisons between AEW and WCW are there for all to make. 

They're on TNT. They have many former WCW stars on their roster. And their show replicates the energy and excitement that fans felt during the first couple of years of Nitro during the Monday Night Wars. 

More fuel could have been added to the 'AEW is the new WCW' fire if the company had managed to bring in a wrestler/manager act from WCW's past.

Sonny Onoo was a guest on Perched on the Top Rope and spoke about his recent visit to AEW, why he didn't second Yuji Nagata during his Dynamite appearance and how Tony Khan supposedly wanted to bring in another legendary Japanese star. 

"We met with some of their bookers like Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko. I was in Florida for other business and when I found out Yuji was going to be there, I made it so I was there at the same time. I was willing to help. It's their call. I think it was a missed opportunity, but they didn't ask. They knew I was there. Who knows, they might be saving me for [something else]. 

When AEW first started televising stuff, Tony Khan did contact me and we were trying to work something out to bring in Ultimo Dragon. At that point, I was going to be on camera with him and manage him. Pandemic hits and he got stuck in Japan. Every time Yuji has been on camera, I was with him. I think it might have been a missed opportunity, but it's not my call".

Dragon, at 55-years-old, is still going strong in his homeland, where he works for the Dragon Gate promotion. 

A match between himself and the new, self-styled Belt Collector Kenny Omega would be a natural. 

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