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Bryan Danielson Joins All Elite Wrestling

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All Elite Wrestling

When Daniel Bryan lost to Roman Reigns on the April 30 episode of WWE SmackDown, signalling he had to leave the blue brand, no one knew what the future held for him. 

Bryan himself went quiet. No interviews, no social media, no appearances. No one saw, or heard from him.

Speculation simmered that WWE expected him to re-sign after a sabbatical, so when Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net broke the news that Bryan Danielson had signed a deal with All Elite Wrestling, the internet went into meltdown. 

First reported in July, fans would have to wait until early September for Danielson’s AEW debut. The very first report of Danielson signing with AEW came in a 24-hour period that also saw CM Punk’s return to wrestling also rumoured.

Given Haynes first announced Danielson’s major switch in promotion two months before it actually happened, this was a huge scoop and an unexpected development in both AEW’s and Danielson’s respective trajectories.

Nominated By: Mitch Waddon - Editor-In-Chief

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