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In my wildest dreams did I never predict I would be writing about how Randy Orton and Riddle have formed the best tag team of 2021 in professional wrestling. 

But then again, 2021 has been a strange year hasn’t it? 

Yes, it was rather strange when Orton - fresh off a feud in which he burned a murder clown alive - started teaming with a man who appeared to be his polar opposite in Riddle. And when it did happen, surely it would only last a couple of weeks? 

Well, that was in April and, as we close the year, RK-Bro are the reigning Raw Tag Team Champions, having won the Titles in August, and don’t look like faltering anytime soon. 

Will RK-Bro last 2022? My gut says no. But even so, there is no denying that 2021 was their year.

Nominated By: Mitch Waddon - Editor-In-Chief

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