D-Von Dudley Gave The Usos Permission To Use The 3D In WWE

The Usos have recently been finishing teams off with the legendary manoeuvre

The Dudley Boys’ 3D/Dudley Death Drop is one of the most celebrated finishers in tag wrestling history, and has recently seen a resurgence in WWE, with SmackDown Tag Champions The Usos bringing the move out of storage as their new finisher.

When asked what he thought of The Usos bringing the 3D back, D-Von Dudley said the following on Wrestle Buddy:

“The Usos and I at live events have talked about them using the 3D, they came to me and asked me about a year and a half, maybe two years ago. I remember telling them ‘you guys can use it, me and Bubba aren’t using it anymore, you know? So why not? Use it.’ I know The Bar had tried it a couple of times, The Bar tried it even at a live event. You know Bubba had come back and said something ‘don’t make me and D-Von come back.’ And I said, ‘Bubba, I told them to use it, we were talking about it.’

“And so, I think it’s great because we’ve been talking about this for months and so when so I was watching the show and I saw them use it, I was shocked. I literally jumped out of my seat and was like ‘YES! YES!’ You know and I was like ‘he better not kick out, he better not kick out. Nobody kicks out of 3D.’ And there was no kick out so it was great.”

D-Von was overjoyed at seeing the 3D, and even texted The Usos to offer his congratulations:

“I texted him,” D-Von said. “I said ‘phenomenal match on both parties. The New Day as well of course.’ And I said, ‘tremendous finish.’ Because I remember they were doing, they did a splash, or a double splash, right before that was a double superkick and then there was a kick out. I was like ‘oh my God, there better be a huge finish, after this because there’s no way they can do all of that, kick out, and then have something that can complement that.’ And sure enough, they did, it was 3D.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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