D-Von Dudley Open To Long-Term Dudley Boyz Reunion, Compares The Tag Team To KISS

D-Von Dudley compares the Dudley Boys to KISS

Team 3-D are set to reunite for IMPACT’s upcoming 1000th episode of IMPACT Wrestling TV, with the legendary team of Bully/Bubba Ray and D-Von set to team together for the first time since 2016.

D-Von is certainly excited at the prospect of getting the band back together, telling Busted Open Radio how the team are like KISS:

“I’m excited about that, I’m really am (Team 3D reunion). It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been in the ring and it’s like riding a bike and getting off it and getting right back on it again. I think I’m excited about that. I’m waiting to see how much I got left in the tank for me to go, and you know, for me and Bubba to go back and do our thing, I can’t wait. 

“And now having the opportunity to get back with Bubba and be on the 1,000th episode of IMPACT and to relive the glory that we once had, I think it’s great. I’m really looking forward to this and I’m ready to see how much — like I said earlier, how much I got left. I think there’s a lot left to go back in the ring and to do things and if I’m not mistaken Tommy (Dreamer), I believe you’re gonna be along with me. So if I breathe heavy or if I need to tag out and Bubba ain’t on the apron, I’m tagging you. I’m letting you know that (he laughed),” said D-Von.

The TNA and WWE Hall of Famer continued, noting how he’d be up for a further reunion should IMPACT 1000 go well:

“Absolutely (he’d be open to doing it again if he feels good after IMPACT 1000). Like you always say, I want us to be KISS. I want us to really put the makeup on for the last time, go out there and hit the greatest hits, have a great time with the people, have a great time with each other and just make history again. I would love that,” said D-Von.

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