Damian Priest Claims There Were No Plans For Judgment Day To Be Supernatural

Damian Priest wouldn't have minded a Supernatural Judgment Day, though

Speaking with Digital Spy, Damian Priest has claimed there were never plans to take Judgment Day in more of a supernatural direction, although he would not have been opposed to having powers on WWE TV. 

"I guess I understand why people thought that. I don't know where the actual rumour came from that that's what was planned, because it never was. If anything, we had conversations of how we didn't want that and that included Vince [McMahon] himself, who did not want the group to be supernatural-based. We were all in agreement. We did some things that seemed that way, I know I did a thing with lightning one night, and the idea wasn't about supernatural, but it came off that way and then we immediately went, 'OK, let's not revisit that because it came off that way,'" Priest said. 

"For me personally, I wouldn't have been against it, though. I've been a fan of The Undertaker and so many iconic characters that had to do with the supernatural. I was like, 'Yeah, I want powers!' But unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at it, it wasn't a planned thing. Naturally, when you involve somebody like Edge and we're on the darker side, it's gonna be, I guess, assumed and hinted at, like, 'Maybe this is a thing,' but no that was never part of it. It was just more of a vibe that we wanted, that darker vibe and that darker atmosphere and people to look at us like, 'That's different, that's odd, that's weird.' That's what we wanted. Just like, that's not something you see every day in the street so to speak. So that was the goal. It was never to get to be spooky with powers and stuff but I would have been cool with it."

This contradicts reports from June which noted that Edge was removed from the faction because he was opposed to WWE's plans to take the group in a supernatural direction. Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and Rhea Ripley kicked the 11-time World Champion out of the stable in early June, claiming he was a weak link in storyline, but they have not displayed any supernatural tendencies on TV.

Edge has since returned and started feuding with his old faction and The Rated-R Superstar will go one-on-one with Damian Priest on the August 22 episode of Monday Night Raw in Edge's hometown of Toronto.  

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