Damian Priest: WWE Raw Has A "Stacked" Roster Right Now

The Archer of Infamy is part of a busy scene on Raw

Damian Priest has a big target on his back. The current WWE US Champion has a host of names waiting to face him and take his title, but rather than being scared or angry, he’s happy about the depth of WWE’s roster.

In a recent interview with The Metro, The Archer of Infamy said the following of the wrestlers currently on his radar:

“The way Raw happened, I was looking around at one point looking at Riddle out there next to Randy [Orton], Bobby [Lashley] with MVP next to him, Sheamus and Drew [McIntyre] in the ring with me. I remember looking round and I’m like, wow. I remember when I was a fan and you had this revolving door of contenders. You had Austin, Rock, ‘Taker, Kane, Triple H, Shawn [Michaels], all these guys! It was like, wow, are we getting back to this, because this looks awesome? And the crowd reaction, they were on fire because it was exciting! I do hope to have stuff like that and moments like that.”

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