Daniel Bryan's Backlash Opponent Confirmed

SmackDown Live revealed an interesting match for Backlash.

Last night's episode of SmackDown Live revealed Daniel Bryan's opponent for Backlash, which takes place on May 6th in Newark, New Jersey.

Bryan was announced as The Miz's guest on Miz TV, only for Big Cass to emerge instead. The big man then cut a heel promo, bemoaning the fact that Bryan's return from injury was widely celebrated, while his own return was largely ignored in comparison. He then explained that due to his physical attributes, he never had to wrestle in Japan or on the independent scene like Bryan - but was rather destined for stardom from the beginning.

Following the segment, Bryan was revealed to have been jumped on his way to the ring, selling an attack in a backstage corridor as Becky Lynch and Asuka passed on the way to their tag match.

Later, when interviewed about the attack, Bryan confirmed that it was indeed Cass and branded him a coward - before confirming that a singles match between the two has been booked for Backlash.

Signs may have pointed to a showdown between Bryan and long-term nemesis Miz, but it's understandable that WWE would want to hold off on such a hot feud until a bigger occasion comes along.

However, this could be seen as bad news for Cass, should he lose the match at Backlash. This would mean that his first big bout since returning from injury would result in a momentum-sapping loss, whereas other recent returnees (such as Drew McIntyre and Bryan himself) have been given a surge of momentum.

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