Darby Allin Hit By A Bus In New York City

Darby Allin got hit by a bus, because of course he did

Darby Allin just cannot seem to escape being injured and hurt at the moment. Despite formerly seeming invincible due to the number of crazy and wild spots he was taking in AEW, he suffered a broken foot just prior to his planned hiatus from AEW to climb Mount Everest. During his time off, Allin has once again been on the receiving end of getting hurt - and this time it wasn’t by his own doing!

On social media, Allin revealed that he was hit by a bus in New York City, perhaps explaining why he has been seen with bandages on his nose in recent pictures. His post on Instagram saw him posing with an injured face, with the caption:

“That awkward moment when your crossing the street in New York with a broken foot and get hit by a bus…… Least I can have a good time with @raymond_pettibon_ and catch a broadway show lol”

Yes Darby, we can certainly all relate to that ‘awkward moment’. Thankfully, it seems as though Allin is in high spirits and not too hurt from what could have been a serious accident.

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Written by Andrew Kelly