Darby Allin Names Malakai Black As His AEW Dream Match

Black joined AEW last week

Malakai Black may have only been in All Elite Wrestling for a week, but AEW's newest recruit has already been named as a dream match by Darby Allin.

Allin has mixed it up with some of AEW's very best, including the likes of Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes and Miro, and has been teaming regularly with Sting in recent months.

Black, meanwhile, debuted last week at AEW Road Rager, attacking Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes. 

The former TNT Champion has noted Black's creativity and work-ethic, and believes the two of them could have a lot of fun together in the ring.

When asked about an AEW dream match at Card Collector Con by the Sportsdudeheinz Show, he said: "I know this sounds weird because he literally just showed up, but I'd say Tommy End [Malakai Black]. Somebody like him, who has that creative side and does stuff on his own, I find that captivating.

"I know that sounds generic because he literally just showed up on Wednesday but nobody gets my gears turning more than him, like, 'okay, we can do some stuff and that would be a lot of fun.' I like people that, whoever shows up to work on Wednesday, when they get home on Thursday, their mind is still working. It's not a one-day job. They do it seven days a week. 

"That's how my brain is, I can't stop thinking. Anybody else like that, that has passion like that, I want to work with. Everyone else that treats it (as a once-a-week job), they can go to hell."

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